I am an artist, writer, yogi and adventurer fascinated by exploring creativity as a spiritual practice. I create art that speaks to the transformation and healing experiences that you engage in when you begin a spiritual practice like yoga. I create for people going through the beautiful, but sometimes challenging and lonely process of transformation.

I create these yoga paintings as a reminder that you are never alone on the path towards healing.

Although you may receive your own unique blend of healing, there is also a universal force supporting you. It's my aim to create pieces that speak to that universality. 

I've been a painter for over 15 years and have sold thousands of prints + paintings to budding and experienced yogis alike. A lovely soul said of one of my pieces, "your painting is a remarkable piece of art that portrays what happened to me at a yoga retreat...my heart literally exploded open."



I feel incredibly grateful to be able to do this work.

It's my hope that these pieces help remind you of your own courageous transformation. Marion Woodman says,

Each of my paintings carries a specific healing energy and with it, the intention to help you remember you own wholeness.




If you are looking for a symbolic token of your own healing, your own incredible transformation, I've got:

  • over 100 vibrant paintings + prints to light up your yoga space
  • paintings infused with a master's degree study of creativity and yogic philosophy
  • art work informed by over 500 hours of yogic training and years of teaching
  • pieces created from the momentum of 15 years of study in the arts

When I'm not painting or writing about the creative + spiritual process of transformation, you can find me:

Reading fantasy novels, playing with my daughter, backcountry skiing in the mountains of Idaho or practicing hot yoga at my local studio. 

>>>> I grew up in rural Vermont but now live in the mountains of Idaho with my husband and our daughter, Savannah and dog Tulsi

>>>> I began painting at age 8 with my Dad, apprenticed with him in high school and studied Fine Arts at St. Lawrence University. Then studied creativity, art and yoga in a Masters degree at Lesley University. 

>>>> I explored figure drawing in Italy, Tantric Art in India, expressive art therapy in New England, intuitive painting online, and I continue to explore the creative process in my garage-turned-studio.  

>>>> I tried out a lot of things before becoming a full time artist. I’ve been a nanny, a stock room manager, a yarn store assistant, a wilderness adventure leader, and a high school art teacher. 

Downtown Yoga Festival, Salt Lake City, October 2015

Rouge Artisans Cafe + Gallery, 2015

The Miller's Thumb Gallery, Summer 2013 + 2014 + 2015

Sun Valley Papoose Club Holiday Bazaar, December 2013

Jackson Hole Art Association Christmas Bazaar, December 2012

Still Point Gallery, “True Artist” Fall 2010

Boston Handmade Downtown Holiday Gallery December 2010

Boston Bazaar Bizarre December 2010

The Process of Peace, Towson Arts Collective, Spring 2011