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Are you ready

to activate your


Do you crave more confidence + courage

in creating your paintings?

If so, the 5 sacred lessons to activate your creativity email course is for you

And it’s 100% FREE!




 5 days + 5 sacred lessons to unleash your


Over the next 5 days you will:

  • Remember the creativity you were born with

  • Reactivate your creative intuition

  • Re-align with the rhythms of your creative process

  • Begin to create + paint from a deeply connnected place inside yourself

  • Recieve 5 video lessons (delivered to your inbox) loaded with creative guidance

If you’re stuck trying to paint the paintings that are lingering in your soul but haven’t been able to fully let them out, I totally understand!

If you’re tired of feeling a lack of confidence in your creations and fed up with not being able to express your creativity as freely as you wish you could,

you’re not alone.

You want to be able to express yourself creatively without all the fear + self doubt.

you want more creative flow and less frustration!

So that’s why I’ve put together this FREE course on activating your creativity,

so you can finally start painting, drawing + writing with more joy and ease!

When you sign up, you’ll also get immediate access to:

a guidebook for opening Sacred Space for your creative practice


Are you ready?




eliza lynn

I am an artistic mystic, visionary artist + a creativity activator. My art and teachings blend plant medicine, Kundalini yoga, and intuitive painting to support the rise of the creative energy within my students.

The tools I teach are sacred, powerful + playful.

They will help you to break into the vastness of your own creativity.


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