A meditative mandala coloring book for you

Adult coloring books are all the rage these days and it's no wonder.

Mandalas are incredibly soothing to make. There is something so satisfying about drawing and coloring within a circular shape. While creating mandalas, my mind becomes very calm and focused. It is very much a meditative process. 

I love drawing and sketching mandalas, but coloring them is the best part! So, I have put together a FREE Mandala coloring book for you:

Sacred Bloom: a Mandala Coloring Book

  • This collection features 12 original, hand drawn mandalas
  • Each coloring page features a Mandala and quote to inspire you! 
  • The introduction includes a few guidelines, a simple materials list and quick centering instructions.
  • The coloring book also includes 3 Blank Mandala templates and instructions to create your own Mandalas. 

Happy Coloring!

Eliza Lynn Tobin