Altar | 6x6 Original Painting

Altar | 6x6 Original Painting

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Savor the sweetness. Savor the tender moments, even the sweetness that exists in pain + discomfort. The sweetness that reminds you are here in a temple of a human body having a sacred human experience--each moment is a prayer. Each breath is a memento placed on the altar of the universe--reminding you: you are held. You are loved.

//Painting + Poem inspired by a journey with Tulsi//

This original painting is part of the “Moon Magic” Collection, a collection exploring co-creation with the cycles of the moon. Each piece was inspired by a moon phase and plant journey that corresponded with that part of the cycle. Co-creating with the moon is powerful work. It illuminates all parts of you, encourages you into the deeper realms of your being and invites you to integrate all your aspects.

This is an 6x6 inch original acrylic painting on paper mounted on a wooden panel with a painted 7/8 inch cradle. The painting hangs beautifully without a frame.

Your painting will be carefully packaged and shipped from my studio in Cambridge, VT.

Your painting will arrive with a special Blessing Ceremony Kit, including an instruction booklet for blessing, journeying with and activating the energy of your painting. You will also receive a palo santo stick + the herbal tea* that was used in the creation of the painting.

Please see shipping + returns for more information.

*palo santo + herbal tea will only be included with paintings shipped within the U.S

All images ©Eliza Lynn Tobin 2018

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