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Ready to activate your creative, wild magic?

I help women awaken their visionary creativity.

It’s time to become the Artistic mystic you were born to be


5 Sacred Lessons to Activate Your Creativity

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The Artistic Mystic Collective

Connect with other artistic Mystics + enjoy Series of Sacred Creativity trainings inside this free community


Visionary Artist

Eliza Lynn Tobin


A visionary artist, teacher, and writer on a mission to awaken the Artistic Mystics on the planet + to help you clear away the blocks keeping you from fully accessing + experiencing your own divine creativity.

I believe The creative process is a sacred ceremony.

By blending mystic tools—like Intuitive Painting, Kundalini Yoga, Plant Spirit Medicine, and exploring Archetypal energy—you can support the rise of your creativity, the rise of your divine shakti energy.

Now is the time to remember the inherent wisdom and creativity you have within you.


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Visionary Art that reminds you of your wholeness + speaks to the visual language of your soul

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Turn Your Creativity into a Sacred Ceremony

Get all the tools + materials you need to open sacred space for an intentional + inspirational painting or writing experience. Includes a powerful Kundalini Mantra to reign in your creative energy + a list of my favorite Herbs for Blessing + Clearing your space!