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How to make moon tea

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Tonight there is a full moon. I have watched the moon out the car window over the past week as I drove across the country with my family. We've arrived in Vermont over the weekend and have been spending the last few days attempting to recharge and refreash after all that driving.

Tapping into the power of the full moon is a great way to hit the refresh button.

And a super simple way to tap into the power of the full moon is to drink "Moon Tea," cool water that has been bathed under the sweet glow of the moon. 

Here's how you make Moon Tea:

1. Fill a clear, glass pitcher or jar with cold, clean water. 

2. Add cooling mint or lavender sprigs to the water. 

3. Cover and leave vessel outside to bathe in the Full Moon light.

4. In the morning, pour a glass and sip the cool and refreshing essence of the moon! 


And that's it! Enjoy the fullness of this part of the moon's cycle!



Water Sprite {a painting + a poem}

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She finds her truth
on the shores of her breath.
Each one points her in the direction
her life is unfolding.

She's strong in her capacity to love,
fierce in her ability to stand strong,
And radiant in her facility of ferocity.

Like underwater flowers,
she floats in an ocean of sweet source. 
Swaying grace,
always rooted. 


5 love notes to read when you've been robbed by the comparison theif

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"Comparison is the thief of joy." ~Theodore Roosevelt

Yesterday, I was robbed by the sneaky thief himself.

I was looking over my little ole' blog and adding up the years I've been blogging (almost 6 years!), when a snarky inside my head voice snuck in to tell me how I should be better at this blogging thing by now, how I should be taking better pictures, writing more consistently, putting in more effort, and so on.

Me, 5 years ago

Me, 5 years ago

I then did the worst possible thing I could do in this low moment: 

I started looking at other people's blogs. 

And down the rabbit hole of comparison and self-criticism I went and it sucked the joy right out of me. 

Does this ever happen to you? 

If you are in this place right now, read the following notes instead of jumping down the hole:

1. You are exactly where you are supposed to be on your path. Trust that as truth. 

2. The world needs your original medicine (your perspective, your experiences, your gift, your you-ness). You are the only one who can administer it. 

3. There is always someone ahead of you. There is always someone behind  you. Reach your hands out in offering in both directions

4. If you want to be inspired, go live your life. Live inside it as the keen observer you are and you will see just how interesting, creative and imaginative you are.

5. Keep doing everything you are doing. If you are giving your heart to something, that is all the magic that is needed. 




Listen to your gut job

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A couple of weeks ago, I became caught up in the idea of getting + renovating a vintage trailer. 

Blame pinterest.

Blame the nice weather. (Camping, anyone?)

Blame this incredible vintage trailer overhaul

I became completely obsessed. 

I started scanning craigslist in my local area and a listing popped up that caught my eye + possibly my heart. I emailed the listing to my husband and by the time he got home that evening, I had him hooked too. 

This was a Tuesday. 

I contacted the seller on Thursday and on Saturday morning, we drove up over Galena summit to go get our little trailer. 

Meet "Sunny," our 1960's something Catolac Deville. 

It was love at first...wait, do those Budwiser girl posters duck-taped to the back wall come with it?! Sweet! 

We towed our new baby home and began demo on Sunday. It was a pretty rickety arrangement; one tiny step shook the whole can. At one point, while assessing the back of the trailer, I began to feel the whole thing start to tip backwards. I screamed and raced towards the door. That's when we decided to tear it apart. 

Even though we had read this very helpful article about buying a vintage trailer, we had found ourselves a gut job. We pulled out the cupboards, the icebox, the stove, the floor, the paneling, the insulation and all the mice nests (there were lots of them) until we were down to the bones. 

I've learned that if you're obsessing over something + loosing sleep over an idea, the best thing to do is listen to that deep gut instinct and just go for it.

And this gut job was no different! 

Want to follow along as we work on this inspired project? Follow along on instagram, use #sunnydavilla