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5 Insights from a Flower

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I'm reading a book called "Awakening to the Spirit World" by Sandra Ingerman and Hank Wesselman and was inspired by the exercise to meditate on different elements of nature, to journey inward and connect with aspects of the natural world and learn from them.

Lately, I've felt a deep desire to connect more with the natural rhythm and flow of the world around me, so decided to give this method a try. I decided to begin with a flower and to suspend my belief to include the notion that sitting down to have a chat with a flower is normal, every day thing to do.  

The journey was simple, beautiful and whimsical in an almost childlike way. The wisdom the flower shared with me was incredibly powerful. I wanted to share with you what I learned and thought I might share more of these in a new series of "insights from a [insert natural element here]." 

Here's a bit about the journey to connect with a flower:

I sat on the stone steps in my parent's backyard garden, the sounds of bees and humming birds bustling around the flowers around me. The smell of sweet grass and sunshine surrounded me. I closed my eyes, took a few breaths and set an intention to connect with the energy of the flowers. 

In my mind, I suddenly became very small and found myself at the base of a flower stem. There was a tiny doorway there into the stem which I opened and stepped through. Sunlight filtered through and cast a warm green glow on the stairs that spiraled up through the stem.  I began to climb the stairs and they took me to the top of the flower, where I looked out over the garden.

Across the sunny expanse, a tall, graceful echineaca flower danced in the speckled shadows. It appeared to be glowing and I felt myself becoming the flower. I felt myself become simply and effortlessly radiant. I felt myself soaking in the sunshine, confident in my own beauty and grace. I felt how rooted and connected I was to the warm soil beneath me. 

And then the seasons changed and I began to wither and crumple towards the ground. But it wasn't sad. Instead, I felt a sense of relief, the urge to be back in the dark was welcoming, like the promise of sleep after a busy day. I felt myself go down into the deep, rich soil of the underground. I felt close and comfortable to the earth, like I was being cradled by a soft and caring mother. I felt supported and deeply nourished, renewed. Then the soil became warm again and I felt ready to spring up, a green, new shoot. 

When it was time to return, I thanked the flower and came back to my body and breath and opened my eyes to jot down the following messages I had received from the flower:

Sip the Sun 

Take in that which powers you up and makes you feel alive. 

Bask in the Light

Stand tall in the light without reaching or grasping. Let it come to you simply and effortlessly. 

Express your Pure Radiance

Feel confident in your own beauty, grace and simple magnificence. 

Take the Time You Need

Like a freash green shoot in spring, take the time you need to effortlessly unravel your brilliance.

When it's time to rest, rest. 

After shining so brilliantly, know when it's time to rest. Nestle in close to the earth and take in all the nourishment she provides. 


Have you ever done any inner journeys like this before? If you have, I'd love to hear about your experience! 




How to make moon tea

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Tonight there is a full moon. I have watched the moon out the car window over the past week as I drove across the country with my family. We've arrived in Vermont over the weekend and have been spending the last few days attempting to recharge and refreash after all that driving.

Tapping into the power of the full moon is a great way to hit the refresh button.

And a super simple way to tap into the power of the full moon is to drink "Moon Tea," cool water that has been bathed under the sweet glow of the moon. 

Here's how you make Moon Tea:

1. Fill a clear, glass pitcher or jar with cold, clean water. 

2. Add cooling mint or lavender sprigs to the water. 

3. Cover and leave vessel outside to bathe in the Full Moon light.

4. In the morning, pour a glass and sip the cool and refreshing essence of the moon! 


And that's it! Enjoy the fullness of this part of the moon's cycle!



Water Sprite {a painting + a poem}

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She finds her truth
on the shores of her breath.
Each one points her in the direction
her life is unfolding.

She's strong in her capacity to love,
fierce in her ability to stand strong,
And radiant in her facility of ferocity.

Like underwater flowers,
she floats in an ocean of sweet source. 
Swaying grace,
always rooted. 


5 love notes to read when you've been robbed by the comparison theif

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"Comparison is the thief of joy." ~Theodore Roosevelt

Yesterday, I was robbed by the sneaky thief himself.

I was looking over my little ole' blog and adding up the years I've been blogging (almost 6 years!), when a snarky inside my head voice snuck in to tell me how I should be better at this blogging thing by now, how I should be taking better pictures, writing more consistently, putting in more effort, and so on.

Me, 5 years ago

Me, 5 years ago

I then did the worst possible thing I could do in this low moment: 

I started looking at other people's blogs. 

And down the rabbit hole of comparison and self-criticism I went and it sucked the joy right out of me. 

Does this ever happen to you? 

If you are in this place right now, read the following notes instead of jumping down the hole:

1. You are exactly where you are supposed to be on your path. Trust that as truth. 

2. The world needs your original medicine (your perspective, your experiences, your gift, your you-ness). You are the only one who can administer it. 

3. There is always someone ahead of you. There is always someone behind  you. Reach your hands out in offering in both directions

4. If you want to be inspired, go live your life. Live inside it as the keen observer you are and you will see just how interesting, creative and imaginative you are.

5. Keep doing everything you are doing. If you are giving your heart to something, that is all the magic that is needed.