Be sure you read and follow the instructions below so that you can get the most out of this free course!

Step One | How this email course works

Over the next 5 days, you’ll recieve 5 video lessons + supplemental pdf guides that will introduce you to sacred tools that help you learn to work with your own creative process and move with the flow of creative energy rather than against it.

All you’ll need to do each day is find a quiet place to relax, grab your journal and plug in your earbuds to tune into the daily lesson.

Step two | Join the Artistic Mystic Collective

Join in the collective fun inside my facebook group, The Artistic Mystic Collective where you can share your creative expression + reflections throughout your course

Step three | Don’t miss a thing!

To make sure you don’t miss out on all sacred tools and creative lessons coming your way, make sure you've added my email address to your contact list or if you are a gmail user, drag the welcome email from your “promotions” folder to your “primary” folder. Now you won’t miss anything!

Step four | Tag me on Insta

I’d love to share what you create! tag me on insta @elizalynntobin + let me know what you’re experiencing in the course!

I’m so happy to

have you here!

To to get you started, I wanted to share a guide I created for you! This 10 page guide will teach you to open Sacred Space for an intentional + inspirational writing or painting experience!