There is this tantric concept called Spanda, which means pulsation. It’s this idea that in order to expand, we must also contract. Everything in the universe works in this pulsation. It’s illustrated beautifully in this description of the great goddess, Shakti. When she closes her eyes, we slip into darkness/contrast/that place of the unknown, we forget the existence of our own light. When she opens her beautifully lashed eyes, we open and expand in that place of illuminated remembrance.

This is my own story of forgetting and remembering:

I am in a deep, dark place--fresh from heartbreak, unclear of my purpose and place in the world. Totally disconnected from myself and wildly unhappy. I have no idea who I am.

So I go to my first ever yoga class. 60 minutes later, I’m lying on the floor with quiet tears slipping from my eyes. For the first time, I am remembering. I feel at home with myself. I feel at peace.

The rest of that summer, I tear my way through spiritual books and begin journaling ferociously, writing poetry and making little illustrated books.

In my own voice, I begin to hear a glimmer of a deeper truth. It’s powerful and wise. Whoever she is and however I can, I am determined to find her.

I begin to practice yoga everyday. I travel to Canada for a 300 hour kundalini yoga teacher training, even though I’ve never done kundalini yoga before. I travel to India as part of a college abroad program to study the parallels between yoga and art. I meet the Dalai Lama and ride on top of a bus through the desert, singing to the stars. I feel more connected to myself than ever before.

While all my fellow college students get jobs or go to graduate school, I apply to a program at the Kripalu School of yoga + health. I sing kirtan, do an ayurvedic cleanse, practice meditation and ponder what meaningful work I’m meant to do in the world.

I meet my first Shaman. He calls up + recognizes this wildly powerful, fierce feminine force within me that scares the shit out of me. He tells me to “Be Her.”

In following that wild call: I move out west then back east again, get a master’s degree in art + yoga, do another yoga teacher training, get married, start teaching yoga and begin painting yoga figures.

I become fascinated with how we embody energy in yoga asanas and I want to capture that in paint.

My husband and I welcome our baby girl into our lives and everything in my world contracts and expands at the same time. My love, wisdom and creative drive grows deep and vast. My time, energy and sense of self contract into a tiny pinprick.

I fumble my way into the office of a modern Shaman. She teaches me how to journey and how to fully trust all the vivid images and wisdom that is coming through me.

I feel called to travel to Peru, to the mountain of the sacred feminine, Salkantay, where I awaken once more to the wild feminine within myself. This time, I feel the immense love that fuels that power and I no longer fear it.

I begin studying plant medicine and journeying into the chakras with the plants, feeling their energy and messages. I realize that they are wanting to work through me and I am meant to share the messages I receive:

We are here to awaken to the truth of ourselves. 
And we will awaken, be transformed and expanded and
Be the light filled leaders we are meant to be. 

But we will also forget. 
We will fall back into playing small,
And allow ourselves, consciously or not, 
To be held in old patterns.

I am here to create beauty that will help you remember.

I am here to create experiences that will guide you back into the remembrance of the light that is already awake inside of you:
In your bones, you cells, your heart, your breath. 

I am a visionary artist, an artistic mystic, a plant poet, a light bringer. 
I blend plant medicine, the chakras, yogic exploration and shamanic journey to bring the wild feminine to life on canvas. This is my specialty. 

Each of my creations is sourced from a message, brought forth in sacred ceremony:

It’s time to re-remember who you are. 
You are the creative warrior. 
You are the wild feminine. 
Be that force of nature, the sacred mountain,
The yogi, soft form meeting spirit on a mat.
You are the creator of your own life, 
the architect of your light. 
Yes, her. 
Be her.

I've been a painter for over 15 years and have sold thousands of prints + paintings to budding and experienced yogis alike. 

A lovely soul said of one of my pieces

"your painting is a remarkable piece of art that portrays what happened to me at a yoga retreat...my heart literally exploded open."



If you are looking for an image to help you remember your wholeness, I've got:

  • over 100 vibrant paintings + prints to light up your yoga space

  • paintings infused with a master's degree study of creativity and yogic philosophy

  • art work informed by over 500 hours of yogic training and years of teaching

  • pieces created from the momentum of 15 years of study in the arts

When I'm not painting you can find me:

practicing yoga, studying plant medicine, adventuring outdoors, traveling, writing or reading fantasy novels.

>>>> After living in the mountain West for most of the past ten years, I've moved back to my home state of Vermont with my husband, daughter Savannah and dog Tulsi.

>>>> I began painting at age 8 with my Dad, apprenticed with him in high school and studied Fine Arts at St. Lawrence University. Then I studied creativity, art and yoga in a Masters degree at Lesley University. 

>>>> I explored figure drawing in Italy, Tantric Art in India, expressive art therapy in New England, intuitive painting online, and I continue to explore the creative process in my studio.  

>>>> I tried out a lot of things before becoming a full time artist. I’ve been a nanny, a stock room manager, a yarn store assistant, a wilderness adventure leader, and a high school art teacher. 

SoulShine Yoga Studio, Essex, VT August 2017-Current

Basecamp Gallery, Killington, VT, July 2017-Current

Downtown Yoga Festival, Salt Lake City, October 2015

Rouge Artisans Cafe + Gallery, 2015

The Miller's Thumb Gallery, Summer 2013 + 2014 + 2015

Sun Valley Papoose Club Holiday Bazaar, December 2013

Jackson Hole Art Association Christmas Bazaar, December 2012

Still Point Gallery, “True Artist” Fall 2010

Boston Handmade Downtown Holiday Gallery December 2010

Boston Bazaar Bizarre December 2010

The Process of Peace, Towson Arts Collective, Spring 2011