The Artistic Mystic Collective

This group is for yogis, energy healers, wellness coaches, spiritual teachers, light leaders, soulprenurs, looking for a soothing, magical space to relax and connect with like minded souls while sipping herbal tea, witnessing vibrant art come to life and activating your creative energy.

I host weekly(ish) Live, Sacred Painting Sessions, where you can join me virtually in my studio! There will be sound healing music playing in the background, blessing herbs burning, and magic happening on canvas all to light up your creativity.

This is a sacred space where we can get to know each other, celebrate our transformations and chat about Kundalini yoga, moon cycles + the planets, plant spirit shamanism, high vibe self care, creative energy, and intuitive, visionary art.

I'm so excited to meet + greet you where ever you are on your journey!