A 60 minute yoga playlist for a gentle inversion practice

A shift in perspective

We normally move through life looking at things a certain way, a way driven by our past experiences, our values, our belief systems. And in general, this works for us -- we garner a lot of information about ourselves and the world around us in this way. But every once in awhile, this way of working fails us. Often times it’s failure looks like this:

You start to feel foggy, unclear about a situation

You feel stuck, dull, or unmotivated.

You can’t shake your own negative thinking

These are all signs that you need a shift in perspective, a shift that allows you to see things in a new light.

Feeling stuck? Invert yourself.

An inversion is any position where your head is below your heart. When you invert yourself, there are many physical benefits including:

  • reversing your blood + lymph flow, which nourishes your tissues, organs and glands
  • Improving your circulation
  • Flushes oxygen (through your blood) into your brain, which stimulates your mental functioning and improves your memory and concentration
  • Strengthening of many of your major muscle groups, in particular all those small back muscles that support your spine.

Along with all these physical benefits, inverting your body has mental benefits as well. It helps you to feel more expansive and when your brain gets washed with blood, it can help to invigorate your way of thinking. When your body gets re-oxygenated in an inversion, you feel like a new person when you come out of it. It can help to change your perspective by jogging new ways of thinking. An inversion practice is like hitting the reset button and gets you feeling, breathing and moving in a new direction.

Here’s some gentle inversion practice suggestions + a 60 minute playlist I created to inspire your inversion practice:

You can also find this playlist over on spotify:

To begin your inversion practice, warm up with a few rounds of sun salutations, A + B, then add on these 5 Gentle yoga Inversions to disperse any negativity and shift your perspective:

  1. Puppy pose, forearms on a block, hands in prayer
  2. Humble Warrior I
  3. Wide leg forward fold with eagle arms
  4. Supported Shoulderstand (with blankets)
  5. Legs-up the wall


At the the beginning of the month, I decided to challenge myself to getting upside down at least once a day. Want to join me!? I challenge you to get your head below your heart 1x a day for at least 30 days. See what shifts and changes for you!