How to Strengthen Your Creative Energy (+ a free workbook!)

You’ve got a GREAT IDEA, a spark of excited inspiration, a momentary glimpse of something awesome that you see yourself creating.

You have a flash of creative brilliance.

But, when you sit down to paint, or draw or write or express the idea (however it wanted to be expressed) and nothing comes out except the deep, booming voice of


The judge does everything within it’s power to shut down and weaken your creative energy.

“Hey you,” the Judge says.

“Who do you think you are, coming in here, acting like you can just paint/draw/write and make something beautiful?"

“That is the worst piece of crap I’ve ever seen/heard.”

“You will never be good at this, you probably should just give up.”

Do you hear a voice like this when you sit down to paint, or draw or write or do anything remotely creative? Maybe this voice pops into your head before you even get to that point.

I know THE JUDGE very well. We are quite familiar with one another. But here is what I’ve learned about this voice (the one that does absolutely everything within its power to shut down my creative go-with-the-flow):

You can’t shut out the Judge. Judge is gonna judge.

So what’s a yogi who just wants to get her painting + creating on to do?

Take a deep breath. Maybe belt out an om or two. This is what it’s going to take to do the creative work anyway.

Believe that you are absolutely, 100% worthy of creating

Do you know where those voices that tell us we suck come from? A place within us that doesn’t believe we are worthy of creating anything. A place that believe that only “masters” or people with “talent” are worthy enough to create.

But here is the thing that I have come to believe: We are all creative. And not only are we all creative, but our true nature is made up of a divine energy that is intrinsically creative.

According to Tantric philosophy, (a yogic philosophy that I have studied and am particularly interested in) we are all made up of the vibrations of a Divine Consciousness called Shakti.

Therefore, anything that you do that allows you to identify with Shakti, would also help you identify with the creativity that exists within you, as Shakti and this creative energy are one in the same.

There is a beautiful passage from The Radiance Sutras, a translation of a collection of Tantric teachings called the Vjinana Bhairvana, translated by Lorin Roche, that says,

“Awaken to your true form. Divine Creative Energy, revealing herself as you.”

The urge to create something is a sign that your creative energy is asking you to acknowledge it

So how do you recognize the creative energy in yourself? One of the most obvious and surefire signs of creative energy pulsing through you is having the urge to create something. It’s a glimpse of your very creative self asking to be acknowledged.

I don't believe that we would be given these urges to create if we weren't also equipped with everything we need to answer these internal callings.

Here are some of examples of your creative energy asking for acknowledgement:

  • You think of a beautiful line of words, maybe the start to a poem, while you are driving your car
  • A tiny snippet of a melody you’ve never heard pops into your head while you are in the shower
  • You keep having the same dream over and over in great visual detail
  • You close your eyes and see a flash of a color or image that feels significant
  • You are stirred by a beautiful piece of artwork, a sunset or a place in nature
  • You are lying in savasana, at the end of a yoga class, body and mind at rest and the sudden glimmer of an exciting idea catches your attention

Even if it’s the smallest inkling of an idea, a tiny whisper or spontaneous call to do something that lights you up, recognize that this is your creative energy asking for your attention.

Let the judge, judge. 

Often, we hear that we should just create and not judge ourselves. When I’m painting or writing or engaging in any creative act, I find it really hard not to judge myself. It just happens. It feels impossible to create and not judge.

It’s within our nature to judge, discern, and critique. As much as it is in our nature to be creative, it’s also within our nature to discern as a means of protecting ourselves. We tend to discern and judge ourselves more harshly than anybody else. And while it’s not helpful or fun, it’s part of who we are as creative beings.

Trying not to judge is like trying not to breathe hard when you run. It’s an uphill battle that wastes a lot of energy.

So instead, I’m going to suggest something radical:

Let the judge, judge.

However, in order to keep on creating or to get started with a creative project, you have to start cultivating a relationship with your creative energy that is stronger than your relationship to your inner judge. How do you start cultivating a relationship with your creative energy? To begin with think about:

  • what makes you happy, what brings you joy?
  • what lights you up?
  • what makes you feel vibrant and excited?
  • what are doing when you feel the most relaxed and content?
  • what do you dream about (day or night)?

Yoga lights me up. I feel better in my body, my mind becomes more relaxed and I feel closer and more connected to my creative energy. Painting, especially in an intuitive way, does this for me too. And writing. And being outdoors (especially if it’s floating on my skis through soft white powder and quiet winter trees.)

Your answers to these questions can help you begin to understand where your creative energy gets ignited. The key to cultivating a strong relationship to your creative energy is to do the things that make you feel alive and connected to your own beautiful source.

Do whatever it is that makes you feel alive + connected. This is where you will find your creative power.

Spend some time thinking about what makes you feel alive + connected. It might help to first identify what doesn’t make you feel alive and connected (and then do the opposite!)

As an added bonus, I created an energy audit workbook for you to really get a sense of what makes you thrive and what makes your energy dive. Check it out below:

Click here to the get the Thrive/Dive Energy Audit Workbook to help you identify what makes you feel alive and what doesn't


How about you? What makes you feel alive + connected to your creative energy?

Eliza Lynn Tobin