Welcome to the Creative Light Challenge


I want you to be able to get the most out of this Challenge, so be sure you read and follow the instructions below:

Step One | Join the Artistic Mystic Collective

The challenge will taking place inside my facebook group, The Artistic Mystic Collective in 3 live, trainings over the next three weeks!

Step Two | Save the Dates

The trainings will be taking place:

Wednesday Feb. 6th 1pm PST // 2pm MST // 4pm EST

Wednesday Feb. 13th 1pm PST // 2pm MST // 4pm EST

Wednesday Feb. 20th 1pm PST // 2pm MST // 4pm EST

Can’t make it to the trainings Live? No worries! The training replays will be available right inside the facebook group!

Step Three | Download your workbook

I invite you to paint along side of me in these sessions + we will be journeying with three plant allies that assist in unlocking the blocks that keep us from shining our creative light. Click the button below to download Creative Light Challenge Workbook which includes a materials list of art supplies + herbs I recommend for the challenge!

Step four | Invite a friend

Use this link to Invite a friend to join you in this challenge!