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a 7 week painting journey through the chakras

Paint from your Centers to Awaken your Creative Gifts

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Do you crave a creative painting practice that feels free, juicy, fun + magical?

You have urges, inklings and desires to splash paint around + play with beautiful colors and light up your life with your brilliant creativity.

BUT more often than not, when you sit down in front of a blank canvas or even think about buying some brushes + paints, you are stopped in your tracks by:


>> Fear that I don’t have enough talent, time, or energy

>> Not knowing what lights me up + brings me joy and creative inspiration

>> A lack of confidence

>> Severe self-judgement and the belief that nothing I create is good enough

>> Fear of letting my expression out

>> Paralyzing perfectionism and not trusting my inner guidance

>> Feeling Disconnected with my higher source


Are you ready to awaken your radiant, life affirming artistry and unlock the innate creative gifts within your chakra system?

In this art making journey through the seven chakras, you will learn how to:

Unblock your creative energy through the powerful sound current + movement of Kundalini yoga

Open a direct line of communication with your intuition through intuitive painting experiences

Journey with plant allies to connect with your own creative, visionary guidance

Channel the inspired, creative messages you recieve onto canvas.

Your creativity can be flowing, vibrant + fearless

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Welcome Creative Visionary! I’m Eliza Lynn

It wasn’t so long ago, that I was exactly where you are now:

>> Trying to unleash the creativity that was burning to be let out.

>> Feeling like none of the paintings or poems I felt called to create were good enough.

>> Looking to other artists + creatives and feeling super frustrated for not being able to create + paint like they did.

>> Worrying what people might think of me if I shared the real, raw me through my creative expression

>> Staring at a blank canvas + becoming totally overwhelmed with fear.

In short, my creative practice felt a little bit like torture.

I had stretches of time where I would get really consistent with my painting + writing, where it would be flowing out of me and times where I felt super stuck and uninspired.

It wasn’t until I began to understand the pulsation of the creative process + my own energy that my creative practice became a source of joy + fulfillment.

MYSTIC TOOLS + INSPIRED MENTORSHIP + awakening the gifts of your chakras = CREATIVE MAGIC.

The tools I teach are sacred, powerful + playful. They will help you to break into the vastness of your own creativity.

I’m here on a mission: To create more ARTISTIC MYSTICS on the planet, women who are lit up with their own creative energy.

You’re here because your creativity wants to be brought into the world.

YOUR creative gifts are needed and YOU CAN re-awaken your untapped creativity.

It’s time to shine: with joy + juice + radiance.

Are you ready?

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The Creative Chakra Salon

course curriculum


Week 1: Courageous Creativity


Learn a soulful, sacred painting exercise to keep your connection to your root open.

AND release your struggle to deeply nourish your creative self.

>> Become more couragous + confident in your painting and develop deep trust in your creative capacity.

Week 3: Unlock Your Radiant Creativity


Discover the secret to reawaken your radiance: the brilliant, creative you

Learn a flowy, fun, intuitive painting technique to map the energy of your body + clear away anything that’s blocking your creative light.

>> Develop deep trust that all you need is within you and start shining your creative light


Week 2: The Art of Play


How to co-create with a playful plant ally to get the creative juices flowing.

The biggest secret to finding more joy + play in your creative expression.

>> Discover what lights you up + step into your juciy, creative flow.


Week 4: Embrace Your Creative Expansion


How to experience your creativity as an act of self love

AND expand and protect the energy of your heart.

>> Reconnect with the guidance of your heart and embrace the belief that you + everything you create is ENOUGH.


Week 5: Free Your Expression


Why creatives are challenged in connecting with their higher truth + expression

+ how YOU CAN unleash the creative expression that’s wanting to come through you

>> Clear your energetic channels + fearlessly free your creative voice


Week 6: Tap into the Intuitive You


How to co-create with a dreamy plant ally to help you access your intuition

AND learn to tap into your inner wisdom + guidance and trust what comes through

>> Become the observer of your stories + shift old perspectives that are blocking you from your intuitive, creative capacity

Week 7: Become the Conscious Creator


Rediscover your connection to the infinite

Experience your unlimited creativity and tune into your into your ability to become a creative manifestor

>> Invoke the flow of your creative energy and discover your soul’s visual language



+ A Private Facebook Community to celebrate your creative expressions and awakenings with other creative visionaries

+ 3 LIVE Creative Coaching Calls inside the private Facebook group

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What happens once you enroll:

The Creative Chakra Salon is an online 7 week course.

Each week for seven weeks, you'll receive juicy digital content for each module in The Creative Chakra Salon. This includes Kundalini yoga videos, intuitive painting videos, plant spirit journey audios, and downloadable guides that are all designed to clear your energy system + connect you to creative allies so you can fully experience your creative freedom.

You'll get access to this program and it's incredible free community for as long as it runs.

you will also receive a welcome guide, which will include:

>> Herbal tea (plant ally) guide + supply list

>> An art materials resource guide + supply list

>> Spotify Chakra Playlists created especially for The Creative Chakra Salon



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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Do I need to be an artist or have previous painting experience to take this course?

You don’t need to have any previous painting experience to take part in this course! The painting techniques I share will inspire beginners + seasoned artists alike! Even if you have lots of painting experience, this course is designed to help you understand your own creative process better.

I’ve never done Kundalini yoga before, will I still be able to participate in this course?

Yes! Kundalini Yoga is a beautiful practice that combines mantra (chanted sounds), breathwork + movement. Kundalini is safe and efficient—you may experience changes even after just 11 minutes of practice! The Kundalini meditations + practices that I share in the modules are appropriate for people with a variety physcial abilities. If you have questions about whether it would be appropriate for you, please do not hesitate to email me and ask!

I’ve never worked with Plant Medicine before. What do I need to know before I do?

The green world of plants is as inspiring as it is overwhelming. There is so much healing + wisdom the green nation has to share with us! Plants have many, many medicinal qualities used by herbalists world wide. No prior experience working with plants is neccessary, just an open mind!

I enjoy working with the spiritual aspects of plants + that’s the knowledge and experience that I share from in the context of this course.

In the Chakra modules, we work with fairly common herbs that are pretty easy to find in your natural food stores or online + I will share how to use them and where you can find them.

We will drink most of the herbs we are working with as tea and I will be guiding you through a meditation experience called a journey.

How much will I need to spend on art supplies + teas and where do I get them?

It really depends on what you already have and how much you wish to spend on supplies. Inside the Welcome guide (which you will recieve when you enroll), I will share a variety of supplies that range from low budget to higher budget + the best places to find reasonably priced materials.

If you are starting from scratch + would like to stick to a low end budget for materials, you can expect to spend at least $20-30 on art supplies.

The teas required for the course range from $4-$8 each if you purchase them loose leaf + in bulk quanities of 4-8oz. I will share resources on where you can find them inside the Welcome Guide that you will receive upon enrollment into the course.

Do you have other questions? I’d love to connect with you + find out how I can support you!

email me at