Sacred Lesson#2:


How to activate your creative intuition

The KEY to activating your creative intuition is SELF TRUST.  

Trusting the creative messages + guidance coming to you, trusting that you are receiving these messages + trusting yourself + your internal wisdom enough to listen to what you are receiving. 

How to RECOGNIZE when your creative spirit/intuition is communicating with you: 

  1. Chills, goosebumps, sense of resonance 

  2. Sychronistic clues. Pay attention to what some of your synchronistic cues might be. For example, my spirit animal is an owl, so everytime I hear an owl calling into the night, I know that it’s an invitation to pay attention to whatever it was I was thinking about or doing when this cue came through.

  3. Are you listening and paying attention and bringing awareness to all of the wisdom that’s around you?

  4. What’s coming through your dreams (day + night), what symbols or situations are you noticing?

Your creative spirit often communicates through Allies:

  • like plants, animals or other messengers (numbers, sounds, etc.)

  • Examples: It could be coyotes calling in the distance, finding a feather on the sidewalk, or particular images or words or numbers that catch your eye.

I love working with plant allies in particular because they are so abundant and easily accessible. 


Plants are deeply connected to the nourishing feminine, creative energy of the earth. They are here to guide and support us by providing tangible, grounding energy. 

I believe, that in that way, they are here in part to help us awaken + hear the heartbeat of our own creative energy. 

Listen to your creative energy + trust what it’s telling you.

This is how you activate your creative intuition.

Questions for Reflection:

  • How does your intuition “speak” to you? Through sound? Symbols? Imagery? 

  • Where do you feel your creative inklings/urges/nudges/inspirations coming from? 

  • What are you doing when your intuitive guidance is triggered? How does it arise?

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