Sacred Lesson #3:


How to align with the rhythms of your creative process

The third step in activating your creativity is to understand the ebbs + flows of your creative process and recognize that the creativie process is a cyclical process. 

come into alignment with your particular creative rhythms. 

This way when you are feeling contracted/blocked or creatively frustrated, you can learn to recognize that it’s simply part of the process, the pulsation of the way that creative energy works. 

In my experience, the creative process looks like this:


Blank canvas - beginning stages, clean slate in front of you

Ideation - ideas, inklings, inspirations come through.

Implementation - you begin to put your ideas into action.

Plateau - you reach a stage that can feel really murky, confusing, what am I doing again? Why am I doing this? Am I good enough to do this?

Break-Through /Transformation - you experience a solution/a break through and it transforms everything

Completion - your creation is complete

Sharing - you put it out in the world, your creation takes on a life of it’s own

Knowing where you are in process is KEY to accepting + aligning with where you are AS PART of the creative process.  


Think about when do you feel most creative.

  • Are there certain hours of the day, times of the day or year that feel more creatively expansive?

  • Do you notice any patterns in the times that you feel more creatively contracted?

  • What self imposed regulations make you feel stuck, stifled or burned out creatively?

  • What perimeters make you feel more creatively free? 

Aligning to your natural creative rhythms means setting up inspired containers for your creative energy to flow.

Click below to download the guidelines for setting up a Creation station

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