Sacred Lesson #5:


How to co-create with your creative energy

Become the channel for creative energy. Allow it to flow through you and as it, give it expression in the way that only you can.

Today, we will use the co-creative process to create Visionary Art.

Visionary art is mythic art. It’s a place where we can work with and co-create our creative spirit and with what is coming to and through us. 

The art is actually in listening, paying attention and bringing awareness to what’s coming up---through your dreams (day + night), symbols or situations that you might be noticing, ideas that stir something in you.

As Artistic Mystics, we are invited to catch the symbolic cues and to give them meaning and power by expressing them and interpreting through our own lens of perception. 

As humans, we have a limited vocabulary...there are not always human words to describe experiences---our visionary art can help us to do this---it gives you a place to let the symbolic language of spirit communicate with you and through you

Remember: what comes out of your paintbrush, might not be exactly what you see in your vision. This is the magic of co-creation, vision coming through you, your hands, your unique perspective. Learn to trust that you are meant to receive what you receive and process the vision exactly as you do.

Click below to download the printable Directions for creating a visionary, intuitive painting

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