Freeing Your Creative Expression

The Throat Chakra retreat

Live Virtual retreat on

Sunday April 7th, 2019 1pm MST/2pm EST

or watch the recording + go at your own pace!

Clear the blockages + free up the energy of the throat Chakra

so that you can fully:

>> Clear your energetic channels + find your voice

>> Reconnect with your higher truth + expression

>> Unleash the creative expression that’s wanting to come through

Inside the throat Chakra retreat, “Freeing Your creative Expression”, you'll learn:

>> A Kundalini meditation to unlock + activate the energy in the throat

>> How to co-create with a beautiful plant ally to help you clear through your negative self talk + start sharing your creative light in a resonate + powerful way

>> An expressive. flowy painting experience to channeling messages into your art

Virtual Retreat Details:

Upon purchase of the retreat, you will receive (via email) a Welcome Guide with instructions for joining the virtual retreat, herbal tea resources, an art materials supply list + Spotify playlist created especially for the Throat Chakra Retreat

  • The retreat will be aproximately 2.5 hours long

  • Attendees will also receive a recording of the session + supplemental pdf’s

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