Little Universes | 6x6 Original Yoga Art Painting

Little Universes | 6x6 Original Yoga Art Painting


This painting is an exploration of how our lives are reflections of the beliefs we hold and the thoughts we think. Every emotion is a little universe that manifests the direction our paths take. 

This original abstract painting is part of the Creative Energy Collection, a collection that explores the qualities of the Sacral Chakra. These pieces offer a reminder to surrender to the flow of life, to connect with pleasure, to dance with creative energy moving through us.     

This is a 6x6 original mixed media (acrylic, watercolor paper, ink) painting mounted on a wooden panel with a painted 7/8 inch cradle that hangs beautifully without a frame!

Your painting will be carefully packaged and shipped from my studio in Cambridge, VT. It will ship via UPS within 10 days of your purchase. 

Please see shipping + returns for more information.

All images ©Eliza Lynn Tobin 2017

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