Remember Who You Are | 20x16 Original Yoga Art

Remember Who You Are | 20x16 Original Yoga Art


Something of your soul remembers

a time when things were green.

When a vibrancy pulsed

beneath your toes

and your breath was clear + blue.

Your heart has not forgotten:

You are of the earth, the dirt, the stars, the plants, the air.

This original painting is part of the “Arise” Collection, a collection which orginated from plant medicine journeys with peppermint sage, rose, rhodiola, mullein, and lavender. The series emerged as an exploration into opening to the heart’s intelligence + transmitting that through the throat chakra. When activated, the throat center becomes a bridge where the heart’s messages can become clear + resonate.

This is a 20x16 inch original acrylic painting on gallery wrapped canvas.

Your painting will be carefully packaged and shipped from my studio in Cambridge, VT. Your painting will arrive with a special Blessing Ceremony Kit, including an instruction booklet for blessing, journeying with and activating the energy of your painting. You will also receive a palo santo stick + the herbal tea* that was used in the creation of the painting.

Please see shipping + returns for more information.

*palo santo + herbal tea will only be included with paintings shipped within the U.S

All images ©Eliza Lynn Tobin 2018

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